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AEA R84 Passive Ribbon Microphone

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AEA R84 Passive Ribbon Microphone

The AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone, modelled after the iconic R44, offers traditional tonality with increased top-end and less proximity effect for medium and close range recording.

In 2000, AEA set out to create a smaller, lighter, and more affordable alternative to the eight-pound, bulky RCA 44BX. The R84, which combines the best of the 44 series in a less expensive, three-pound compact, is the end product.

The Big Ribbon element, transformer, and other design components are the same between the R84 and the original RCA 44 (now the R44C). The R84 keeps the traditional RCA ribbon sound by utilizing contemporary design methods and stronger-yet-smaller magnets.

Less proximity effect, improved top end, vibration isolation, and more placement flexibility on constrained stages and in studios are among the benefits of the R84. The U-shaped yoke of the microphone serves as a shock mount and allows the user to place the R84 at different angles even when using a straight stand.

Incredibly Versatile
The remarkably wide frequency range of the R84 series, which includes sweeping highs and thundering lows, rapidly wins over engineers and musicians.

Just feet from the source, the R84's balanced and controllable proximity effect enhances the low end of brass, drums, and voices. A ribbon mic as versatile, portable, and agile as the R84 is well suited for situations requiring both close-up and ambient mics.

The R84A keeps the same sound quality of the R84 while providing an extra 12 dB of output and a steady impedance, increasing its versatility when used with any preamp and quiet sources.

Classic Design For Modern Needs
Due to its distinct timbre and vintage sound, the R84 is a mainstay in many recording studios. It is the go-to option for engineers tracking voices and other instruments that frequently sound harsh when recorded with condenser mics because of its smooth, high-frequency roll-off and reduced sibilance.

The R84's lovely midrange perfectly catches the distinctive characteristics of numerous instruments. Its robust low end is ideal for deepening the bass in thin vocals and beefing up the sound of drum kits. It's a mic that sounds well on almost any voice or musical instrument, making recording studios and broadcast studios both suitable places to use it.



Product Information


  • Smooth, warm, and detailed classic ribbon mic sound
  • Full and rich tonality with generous highs and lows
  • Voiced similar to the legendary R44 Series with less proximity effect
  • Versatile for both close and ambient applications
  • Made in the USA


Microphone Type: Ribbon
Ribbon Type: 1.8-micron Aluminum (4.7mm x 59.7mm)
Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL: 165dB
Output Impedance: 270 ohms
Connector: XLR
Weight: 3 lbs
Included Accessories: Case
Manufacturer Part Number: R84

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome Ribbon Mic

The R84 is awesome for vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, and probably more (that's all I've personally tried). I definitely recommend this ribbon for anyone serious about their recording. I have a variety of ribbons, condensers, and dynamics, but the R84 is the mic I keep consistently coming back to.

A Must-Have

This was my first ribbon and I was a little worried that the proximity effect would be too strong unless you're 3 feet from the mic. I just tracked a vocal and I was pleasantly surprised that the proximity effect could be used as a sound shaper. I stood roughly one foot away and it sounds phenomonal. Super happy with this mic!

I'm in love!

I've been using my R84 in combination with the RPQ500 preamp and they work together beautifully. Absolutely love how it sounds, AEA gained a fan for life!

New favorite mic

I have a collection of ribbons in my locker, but this is my first experience with AEA. I just did a quick little hour-long session to test recording acoustic and voice and I'm so impressed with how good it sounds. Definitely my new favorite.